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Updated: May 31, 2022

What do Fintechs need from PR?

Fintechs often have multiple PR needs at the outset.

  1. Build credibility with investors

  2. Build trust and awareness with potential customers

  3. Build the brand in the financial services community

  4. Build advocates and relationships within the Fintech community

These separate PR challenges need to be simultaneously addressed for any fintech to achieve its goals of investment and building a successful brand quickly.

In this section we look at how you can achieve this

Start with an audience mapping exercise.


Section 1. Building your key corporate messages:

Firstly, start by answering these key questions about your new venture in simple sentences.

  • What is the vision for the company?

  • What is the core of your offering and how you help companies?

  • What is the problem you are solving?

  • What are the key features, advantages and most importantly, the benefits of your offering?

  • How does your company compare to what is already on the market?

  • Why should you be taken seriously?

For each of the answers to the questions you then need to add proof points (ie. The stats and data) that back up your claims.

‘Proof-points’ are used to underpin your company’s core messages.

For example, when looking at the ‘problem you are solving’ you should consider the big stats around the issue.

The above will be the basis of your corporate story and why the media should write about you.

Once drafted these key points can be used across all content and be the basis of your company description for use with the media.

TFT - Building Your Key Corporate Messages
Download PDF • 27KB


Section 2. Notes to editors

Along with the wording above you will need to provide the media with the background details of your company.

  • The names of the founders

  • The year the company was started

  • A sentence or two on what your company does

  • Who should they get in contact with for further information?

  • A link to the website address

TFT - Notes to Editors
Download PDF • 23KB


Section 3. The PR Strategy

Once the corporate messages and notes to editors have been written the next step is to consider the PR strategy. One way to do this is to set objectives for what you need to achieve as outlined at the beginning of this section.

For example:

  • Create a better understanding, greater awareness and clearer differentiation of a company

  • Drive awareness and consideration of a company with target audiences

  • Increase share of voice and establish a company as front of mind with key audiences

  • Positioning it as thought leaders in the industry


Section 4. Creating stories

Once your messaging and strategy has been agreed, the next step is to focus on creating great campaigns that will give an organisation the opportunity to communicate key company messages, expertise and depth of knowledge in a powerful way. With the right distribution strategy it will allow it to gain a meaningful share of voice in a crowded and often confused space.

To begin you will need to do some research

  • Once you have the ideas you can develop the content for your audience and the specific channels

  • Supporting assets e.g. film to support each topic

  • Prepare spokesperson via media training session

  • Toolkit for marketing and sales professionals in each market including relevant visual materials.

  • Deliver content via a combination of multiple channels, including traditional media, owned media

Feedback and KPIs are important.

  • Collate feedback and responses in order to tweak future ideas.

  • Set KPIs and expected outcomes. For example:

  • Increased share of voice vs agreed competitors

  • Greater recognition with target audiences

  • Key messages evident in media relations activity

Reputational risks

As part of this phase you should also look at the reputational risks that your company might face. (most companies have a behavioural problem not a communications problem). Reputational risks will be covered in a separate section.

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