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October is cyber security month

Education guides launched to help adviser businesses teach awareness

AdviserSoftware has announced it will be rolling out a series of Cyber Security Guides to help businesses become more aware of cybersecurity threats and what they can do to minimise them. The guides, free to download for advisers, have been created to coincide with ‘Cyber Security Awareness’ month, The information is designed to help raise businesses knowledge and understanding without being too technical in nature.

Ian McKenna, Founder of, “Although across the world October is dedicated to ‘Cyber Security Awareness Month’, it is still relatively unknown and low key in the UK. The FCA reported a 52 percent increase in reported attack in the year 2021, and as the financial services sector deals not only in personal data but also personal sensitive data, the need to prevent attacks continues year on year. Our aim to help advice firms understand some of the actions that can be employed to minimise any future cyber threat.”

The cyber guides are being rolled out weekly throughout October and include:

  • Internet security, Cloud, Devices and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

  • Secure Encrypted Communication - passwords, secure mail, webmail accounts

  • Physical security, storage, control, breaches, ransomware, phishing, smishing

  • Training, audits/reviews, insurance, processes

The guides are free, but you will need to register as the content is designed for adviser firms not the general public.

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