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New Biodiversity Podcast Series, Urging Fintech Companies to Consider Nature-Related Risks

In an era where the financial sector is increasingly attuned to environmental sustainability, CACEIS has launched "The Biodiversity Briefing" podcast series. This groundbreaking initiative follows their award-winning "The Climate Briefing" podcast and is aimed at enlightening professionals in the world of investments and pensions about the critical importance of biodiversity and nature-related risks.

Available on major platforms such as Spotify, "The Biodiversity Briefing" series seeks to educate and empower anyone working in financial services to make informed decisions regarding nature-related risks, a topic gaining prominence alongside climate risk.

Pat Sharman, Country Managing Director, UK at CACEIS and host of the podcast, emphasizes, "We need to start seeing biodiversity as an important asset class. We have lost 69% of biodiversity worldwide, and this will impact every aspect of our lives." The series not only defines nature-related risks but also sheds light on the challenges associated with assessing and managing them, with experts sharing real-world examples to illustrate these issues.

This initiative follows the release of a comprehensive guide on biodiversity and nature risk, created in collaboration with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). Just like climate risk, biodiversity and nature-related risks hold substantial financial implications for pension scheme investments. As the podcast unfolds, it promises to shed new light on one of the most pressing challenges of our time. With fintech companies increasingly recognizing the importance of biodiversity and nature-related risks, "The Biodiversity Briefing" serves as a beacon of knowledge, guiding the financial sector toward a more sustainable and resilient future.

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