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Can Gen Z be persuaded to invest?

The Engagement Appeal (TEA), has launched with a mission to unite the 3.5 million retail investors and 2,100 listed companies in the UK, aiming to leverage the collective power of retail investors to promote inclusive investor relations and drive substantial societal and environmental benefits.

UK retail investors hold over £261 billion of UK shares and are unaware of the influence they can exert over market trends and corporate decisions. A disconnect exists between these investors and the decision-making processes within businesses. TEA has said a structural overhaul in investor-company relations, particularly for the next generation of investors – Gen Z – is needed

Sheryl Cuisia, CEO and Founder of TEA, emphasizes the importance of democratizing investment through what she calls 'edutainment' – making learning engaging and inclusive. She calls on UK listed companies to adopt a more holistic approach to retail investor engagement, viewing today's consumers as tomorrow's investors. This mission is not solely about engagement but also about fostering financial inclusion and literacy for all.

For any companies wishing to get involved, the first step includes a questionnaire aimed at mapping the current investor engagement landscape in the UK. Through this, TEA seeks to cultivate an environment conducive to positive changes, highlighting the concurrent benefits to people, the planet, and the corporate realm through meaningful dialogues between companies and retail investors. Sheryl Cuisia envisions a future where the next generation of informed investors values the importance of a two-way dialogue with companies.

TEA places transparency and equality at its core, seeking to ensure that retail voices are not only heard but also valued and integrated into meaningful corporate changes. The 'Take Time for TEA' starter pilot is the first step in understanding the perspectives of UK listed companies regarding inclusive investor engagement. One crucial question is how companies can demonstrate their care for retail investors, especially those from Gen Z, and prepare themselves to engage with future shareholders effectively. TEA suggests that companies can showcase their support for shareholder democracy and global participation by demonstrating a willingness to listen to current and future shareholders. This commitment to transparent investor engagement can reinforce their efforts to improve retail investor relations. By providing a platform for enriched engagement between retail investors and companies, TEA aspires to a future where investment transcends financial implications, becoming a catalyst for substantial, sustainable changes in society and our planet. Acting as a conduit that amalgamates the insights, perspectives, and influences of a diverse array of investors and companies, TEA envisions a corporate world driven not only by profits but also deeply rooted in societal and environmental well-being.

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